Welcome to our Pilates Yoga Barre studio online classes my name is Jes.

*You can purchase mats, strap, blocks, from our studio.

*You can purchase all the beautiful essential oils and accessories from our website at wholesale price once you set your own account.

Please practise safely, get the okay from your health professional so that you are sure these classes are right for you.

Mummas expecting we recommend waiting until you reach 14weeks and get the all okay from your doctor.

I want you to you to enjoy this journey of breathing bending moving flowing and glowing from the inside out. Listen to your body, not every exercise is going to feel right for you, listen you are your best teacher and listen to your inner guide, stop and rest when you need to.

it is important to me that you stay motivated and inspired so each month we will have three new classes up, and please send through your requests get connected by email or facebook message we would love to do your class for you.

Love and Gratitude

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